Transcription has gone beyond producing written equivalent from courtroom proceedings; we now have numerous applications of audio transcriptions of all works of life. For instance, audio transcriptions are now been used for interviews and classrooms. Several companies including real estate firms are now employing the services of Transcription companies due to it countless advantages.

Audio Transcription Services

Audio transcription requires adequate skills and extensive knowledge of the trade. It also requires the use of technology in enhancing the quality of output. The entire process has been digitized as we now have the sophisticated recording equipment, voice recognition, and secure file transfer devices.

Due to the level of accuracy and precision needed in managing audio transcriptions, it is best if you take your time to select the best company for the job. We will discuss some of the points you should consider but let’s quickly look at some of the benefits of outsourcing transcriptions to a New York base audio transcription agency.

What are the contributions of Audio Transcription?

  • Transcriptions serve as a better means of distributing information:

While it’s OK to communicate and share audio files, having an audio transcriptions makes the materials available in print format for people who may not have access to audio devices. Audio transcriptions also give you the ability to reproduce contents in portable document format (PDF) and .docs as well.

  • Transcriptions allow for easy transfer of information:

With audio transcriptions, you can easily transfer minutes of meetings or lectures at conferences and send a copy of the transcript to someone who was absent.

  • Transcriptions make information management easy:

During research as it is easier to sustain findings in written form compared to audio. It is also, easier to reproduce printed materials than audio contents.


Having mentioned some of the benefits of audio transcriptions, we will now look at some criteria based on which you can select the best audio transcription services in New York for your project. You could use these as a guide whenever you are searching for reliable online transcription services.

How to characterize the professional online audio transcription services?

  • Reliability

The audio transcription company should be reliable and competent to manage and deliver an excellent job without compromising on quality. They should have a team of the professional workforce on standby to give prompt guide and approach.

  • Flexibility

The company must be able to proffer flexible plan that will lead to the success of your project. They should offer simple and dynamic plans to suit your budget.

  • Affordability

They should offer audio transcription services at very affordable rates. A professionally done transcription doesn’t have to come at an unreasonable price.


We, at Assist-NY, only employ proficient and experienced staff to work on your projects. We always deliver unique audio transcriptions in quicker time and amazing quality that meet world standard. We proffer dynamic online transcription solutions. You will get audio transcriptions at its very best. Our services are regulatory compliant. If you are looking to getting the best transcriptions, contact us!!

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