Subtitling is a part of translation service that is performed to all visual medium programs that has audio portions. The aim of it is to cater to the needs of foreign language audience to enable them to watch all types of videos, TV programs and movies. Especially, people who like to watch good movies of a foreign language can enjoy better when they have those movies with subtitles.

Subtitling and captioning are art forms that can be performed by only creative people. People with high language proficiency who knows the art of translating the content with the right matching words are suitable to perform this. Many a times, video producers cannot decide whether to go for subtitling or captioning.

It all depends on the purpose and the target audience for whom subtitling is performed. Where the focus is mainly on covering the hearing impaired people then it must be captioning and where the focus is only on translation then it must be subtitling.

Assist New York, the leading company, provides online subtitling in New York. Video programs with or without a master version can be uploaded and can receive the completed version through email or through any ftp account.

The entire online activities are done in a simple and hassle free manner that the clients will appreciate the fast completion, friendly customer approach, the high quality with 100% accuracy, affordable charges and the high quality network connectivity. In addition, the data are kept in a safe and secure condition.

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