The right place to hunt for captioning services in New York is Assist New York. This is the leading name across all closed captioning service providers in New York and elsewhere. The company has been enthralling a long list of clients with its superlative work quality in closed captioning for years now.

It also offers a 10% discount on all its new clients. Assist New York has one of the finest linguistic teams that delivers 100% accuracy in all kinds of closed captioning services.

The company offers a 15 day money back guarantee on all its projects. It also offers a free a trial of 5 to 10 minutes to the new clients with more than 3 hours of closed captioning requirements. The customer care support of the company is ready to face any kind of query, come day or night, all 365 days of the year.

This ISO certified company works in the best turnaround time and caters for rush closed captioning and same day closed captioning services too. Assists New York maintains complete confidentiality of data. It caters to more than 200 languages worldwide including English.

It charges one of the very base rates for closed captioning services and reverts with its rates quotes in less than a minute. Even if the clients are outside New York, they can access closed captioning services form the company since it facilitates online closed captioning services too. All it takes is a few seconds to upload the file to be closed captioned at their website, and they revert in a jiffy.

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