Almost everybody knows the term translation but only few are aware of localization. This concept that has branched out of translation has become the most important aspect to reach millions on earth effortlessly. It enables the people to enjoy all types of content that are produced in any language of the world. 

When people watch a foreign movie or an advertisement, a mere translation of dialogues is not sufficient to get the desired feeling and joy. It needs an extra coating of flavor that is known as ‘localization’.  It aims the adaptation of a language along with its culture. The local ‘look and feel’ is the key of success and this is supplied to the product of creation by localization services.

Product localization includes introducing apt idioms and phrases of the target language and other details such as right time zones, gender roles, money, festivals and holidays, local color preferences, sentiments, role models or examples of that region and more. The right localization must instill the feeling in the audience that it is produced for them directly in their language.

Assist New York provides the best localization services in more than 200+ languages. Since they deal with language services like translation and interpretation, localization with international standard in quality is much easier.

The native language experts with the relevant subject knowledge are engaged to do software localization, multimedia localization and website localization. Technical documents are localized with the help of field experts to achieve 100% accuracy.

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