Assist New York provides professional CART services in New York. Just imagine the plight of hard of hearing people when they cannot follow what is being said in important situations and their relief when they are able to read the same content more clearly and instantly at the same time other normal people come to know.

This real time live transcription that converts Speech to text process is the most useful device for the hearing impaired and hard of hearing people. With prior arrangement, they can utilize this type of transcription facility and can overcome the hurdles in accessing the information.

Assist New York provides this CART services originally known as Communication Access Real Time Translation to court proceedings, class room lectures, seminars and conferences. They are capable of providing this in person or through remote. The transcriber who performs CART services is specially trained for this purpose.

When the event is going on, these transcribers will be entering the content they hear in their special stenograph keyboard which is connected to the computer software. This software captures and converts them into digital messages which in turn are displayed on screen instantly for the clients to read immediately as the speech is going on.

This entire setup can be done remotely also by diverting and receiving the speech through internet lines and can be transmitted back by the transcriber to that specified location. For everything Assist New York is well equipped with both the right technical facilities and the human resources.

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