Transcription services are performed both by individual transcriptionists and by companies. People who are experts in fast typing together with great listening skills can perform well in transcription jobs.

With a computer, relevant software applications and internet connection, these individuals can successfully perform transcription works for whom the service is needed. However, they are limited with certain field only. In case they concentrate on medical transcription they will perform only that and in case they concentrate on legal transcription then they will perform only legal transcriptions.

However, only professional companies like Assist New York can cater to the needs of people from all walks of life. Transcriptions with regard to legal, medical, educational, scientific, research, technical, business, media and live programs can be performed successfully by the professional transcriptionists who have the subject background and experience.

Moreover, Assist New York provides the best transcription services online by having own servers and dedicated internet and phone lines with secured shell socket layers.  Through this, they are able to provide safe and secure transfer of data from the clients and to the clients.

The sound technical setups, state of the art recording studio with the latest software programs, large team of professional transcribers in more than 200 languages are the assets of a professional company through which they can perform high quality transcription woks.

Above all, providing high quality transcription services online at low prices is the highlight feature of Assist New York which only real professional companies can afford to offer to its clients.

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