Our Special Features

Our service has attractive features that benefit the clients.

Lifetime Offers

Loyal customers are rewarded with lifetime offers they can enjoy anytime.

Bulk Order Offer

A high volume order translates to huge offers.

Transcription Services: Free Trial Offer

Our impressive 60,000+ happy customers love our professionalism, fast delivery timeframes, and affordable rates. With our strong focus on reliability and proficiency, we are the leading provider of superior quality transcription available in over 100+ languages.

Experience the difference with Assist NY first hand. Just let us know what you need and we’ll you free samples to your e-mail.

Enterprise Accounts

We build strong partnership with organizations and companies founded in trust and honesty. Thousands of companies rely on us for superior quality transcription for their business objectives and goals.

If you are a company or organizations, let’s collaborate together and enjoy Fast Accuracy, ISO 9001:2015 services, and cost-effective rates.


Academic Lifetime Offers

Amazing offers and special discounts await every student.

For Students

Affordable offers and great discounts especially made for students. Get your 15% offer on your first order.

For University/College

Exciting news for college and universities. Your transcription starts for as low as $0.70/minute.


Platinum Customer Benefits

Live like a royal blood. Our Platinum Customer Benefits include a top of the line customer experience. We have dedicated Account Managers to assist you with all your needs. You instantly get 10% to 20% offers from us!


Offer for Government Agencies

Be delighted to know that government agencies get 20% offer for files more than 20 hours. Anything less than that, you’ll still receive 10% offer from us.


Offer for Non Profit Organization

We want to be part of your mission. As a way of helping to your cause, all transcription services with 10% offer..


Offer for Refer A Friend

The more the merrier! Invite your friends and get 10% offer for your referrals.


Offer on Second Order

Ready for this? Enjoy a 10% offer on your second order. So keep those orders coming!


Seasonal Offers

One Time offer for Special Occasions

Christmas: The best gift this holiday. An amazing 20% offer for your transcription orders.

Thanksgiving Day: Now is the right time to be thankful. Receive your 10% offer from us.

Independent Day: Free yourself from expensive services. Let’s celebrate Freedom Day with our 10% offer!

A customer is eligible for only one offer per order.


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