100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Voice Over New York

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Voice Over Services In New York

Assist NY is a respected provider of fast, low-cost, professional voice overs that clients across New York just love!
With modern tools and over 50 languages covered, voice over rate starts at $128 only.

Our voice over service in New York is home to the most amazing professional voice over talents in the world. Our world class talents have provided professional, multilingual, and within budget solutions to clients. Our versatile voice overs are offered for media, corporate, film, and other major industries.

We provide a wide range of voices, with prompt TAT for various project genres and industries, starting at a budget-friendly rate of $128 only.


✓ Starts From $128
✓ High Accuracy
✓ Seamless Download
✓ Crystal Clear Audio
✓ 100+ Multi-lingual Support
✓ 1300+ Voice Talents with pro studios

Voice Over Agents In New York

Assist NY is an ISO accredited company offering a broad range of voice styles and quality to suit clients’ preferences. We offer excellent choice for female and male voice. Our voice artists are talented experts in their craft, providing timely, professional voice services that perfectly fit clients’ productions and business projects.

We provide full-service solutions to these voice over types: PowerPoint voice over, radio voice over, movie voice over, video voice over, commercial voice over, movie trailer voice over, documentary voice over, voice over narration, e-learning voice over, audio voice over, voice mail voice over and IVR voice over services in New York.

Accepted Audio And Video Formats:

We accept all types of customized and standard formats including: aiff, wmv, m4v, mp4, mp3, wav, flv, avi, cd, aid, amr, wma, caf, dvd, dds, dvf.

For more information about our voice over services contact us through these options: ONLINE CHAT or call us at our TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-800-230-7918.

Multilingual Voice Over In New York

We offer voice over services in virtually all major languages including: Spanish voice over, Turkish voice over, British voice over, French voice over, English voice over, Portuguese voice over, German voice over, Russian voice over, Chinese voice over, Australian voice over, Italian voice over.

Apart from voice overs, we also offer the following language services: Cambodian transcription, Turkish transcription, Mandarin transcription, Serbo-Croatian transcription, Hebrew transcription, Australian transcription, Tibetan transcription and Yiddish transcription.

We provide Voice Over Services for all towns and cities in New York state:

New York city, NY

Buffalo, NY

Rochester, NY

Staten Island, NY

Yonkers, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Elmira, NY

Queens, NY

Syracuse, NY

Niagara Falls, NY

Troy, NY

Bronx, NY

Effective COVID-19 voice over services in New York, NY

Most of the video making businesses are finding it hard to get their videos with voice over. While the novel pandemic has put a stop to physical services, we are sure to give you a quick fix. Our online voice over services in New York, NY can help you to transverse to the international market without having to move anywhere. If you have any news related to COVID-19 or any other video that needs voice over services, assist-ny can assist you virtually. We provide services to all kinds of industries and you can also avail voice overs in more than 100 languages. Get in touch to know more.

Other services include:

Typing Services

Translation Services

Closed Captioning Services

Subtitling Services

Dubbing Services

Transcription Services

Video Production Services


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