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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Legal Transcription Services Glen Cove

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Our services give complete value to your money - high in quality & affordable.

Absolute compatibility with any format

We accept files in any format. Upload your file without any hassles.

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Powered by 800+ native transcribers, get zero compromise on quality.

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Get your files transcribed at incredibly fast TAT, with our rush and super rush services.

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Certified Legal Transcription Services Glen Cove

Assist NY's legal transcribers have the expertise in providing fast legal transcription services for regular and rush turnarounds in over 100 languages. We have been assisting legal professionals, law firms and lawyers around the world for over a decade with our certified legal transcription services Glen Cove at affordable prices.

Our native legal transcribers are also adept in legal terminologies, best practices, document formats, and other necessary nuances to deliver accurate renderings that meet your requirements.

Legal Transcriptions: Who needs them and why?

Legal transcriptions are mainly helpful for the legal professionals such as paralegals, attorneys, law firms and court reporters to keep a close eye on case progress and draw valuable inferences from similar historical lawsuits when planning their arguments. These transcriptions may also be useful learning material for legal assistants and law students to hone their legal competence.

Audio recordings of witness testimonies, their response to queries posed during the hearings, and several other valuable bits of information from the courtroom can make or break a complicated case.

It is, however, difficult for lawyers to repeatedly listen to a piece of audio recording or the deposition of a particular witness without rewinding the tape/getting to the exact time/point when the witness testified.

Legal transcriptions take the pinch out of this tedious process as the transcribers convert speech to text, accurately indicating who said what (word-for-word) and when (time). Word-for-word or verbatim transcriptions capture every sound recorded in the audio, including expressions, which at times offer valuable clues to lawyers in building their cases.

In most jurisdictions, certified legal transcriptions are mandatory to file an appeal as they provide an accurate picture of the case history.

What Do We Transcribe?

  • • Interrogations
  • • Trials & Hearings
  • • Wiretaps & Telephone Recordings
  • • Arbitration Proceedings
  • • Depositions
  • • Any other related recorded conversations on court or off court

Professional Legal Transcription Services: What difference can we make?

Legal transcriptions require a meticulous and dedicated effort from experienced transcribers working on these projects. Given the sensitive nature of the content, professional legal transcription services can add value in several crucial aspects like those mentioned below, making life easier for the legal and law enforcement communities.

• Data security

Legal content, for the most part, must be kept highly confidential. Any casual discussions or sharing of privileged information is likely to prove disastrous in legal cases (criminal, civil, corporate, or family law). Professional transcription service providers are fully aware of the security and confidentiality needs of the legal sector and have robust processes in place to ensure data security.

At Assist NY, we have strict processes to ensure security of your files. We also sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to further assure confidentiality.

• Timeliness and accuracy

The accuracy and timeliness of legal transcriptions are crucial factors that can change the course of legal proceedings. Experienced transcribers are experts who can efficiently complete the task without any misinterpretations or omissions within the stipulated time.

• Speaker identification and timecodes

Established transcription agencies also offer these valuable features that make it possible for legal professionals to easily follow the course of court proceedings, trials, witness testimonies, and other similar recorded content with multiple speakers. Veteran legal transcribers are adept at identifying each speaker and the time of their deposition, along with the verbatim transcription of the recording.

• Support for translation, subtitling, captioning

Professional transcription service providers have the necessary infrastructure to render high-quality output. In addition to legal transcription, they also serve as a one-stop-shop for translation, subtitling, typing, dubbing, voice over, and captioning services that legal professionals may require to fulfil legal formalities in foreign countries.

Why use our Certified Legal Transcription Services in Glen Cove?

Certified legal transcription services Glen Cove ensures the completeness and accuracy of the transcribed legal content and are accompanied by certifications to vouch for the same. Here’s why our services are a notch above those offered by other legal transcription agencies in Glen Cove.

✔ We are an ISO-certified agency offering legal transcription services USA in tune with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

✔ We work with native transcribers proficient in legal transcription, terminology, formats and other technicalities of the sector.

✔ Our support team is available 24X7 to address your queries and requirements.

✔ Certifications are attested by a legal transcriber and bear the signature and stamp of our language specialist to assure the accuracy of the deliverables.

✔ We offer certified legal transcription services Glen Cove in over 100 languages that are highly accurate, and at affordable rates.

✔ Our legal audio transcription services support all file formats.

✔ Security and confidentiality of customer information and project details are our utmost priority. A Non-Disclosure Agreement signed with the client, a secure and robust IT infrastructure, and stringent internal processes keep the client's data safe and secure.

✔ All legal transcripts are timecoded and also include free speaker identification (limited to 5 speakers)

✔ We provide fast and efficient services with support for rush and super rush orders (additional charges apply).

✔ We support notarization of certified legal transcripts (additional charges apply)

✔ A free quote and a free 5-minute trial are just a call away!

Legal Transcription Services Glen Cove – Support for multiple languages

Take a look at some of the major languages that we translate:

✓ Spanish
✓ German
✓ French
✓ Italian
✓ Mandarin
✓ Arabic
✓ Portuguese
✓ Dutch
✓ Korean
✓ Vietnamese
✓ Tagalog

Reputed and certified service providers such as Assist NY are the best people to work on your legal transcription requirements. We work with native linguists to offer complete and flawless transcription, translation, subtitling, captioning, certification, and notarization services.

Do reach out to us for placing your orders, queries, or a free quote on legal transcriptions and other related services. You can easily find us in Glen Cove by searching for legal transcription services near me online.

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